How long for CBD to work?


CBD Edible means any food fortified with CBD. With the rise in popularity of phytocannabinoids, the variety of edibles now has many flavors. CBD foods can only vary in CBD types they use: full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate.


CBD edibles, in particular, gummy bears, are one of the most popular foods to eat because they are tasty, convenient, and well-dosed, and many celebrities are fans of this form of CBD.


Keep reading, and you will learn more about the benefits of edibles, how long the edibles last, why their effects last longer than other forms, and possible individual side effects.


When Will the CBD Edibles Start to Work?


Edibles can usually show their effects about 40-60 minutes after consumption. However, this period can vary due to several factors.

High doses of CBD edibles that you eat may show up more quickly than edibles with medium and low doses.


Also, keep in mind that CBD is not a psychoactive compound in cannabis, so if you expect to experience a "high" effect, this will not happen. CBD does not have an intoxicating effect and is more effective when consumed consistently with a cumulative effect.


An important point that many CBD users forget about is the level of bioavailability. This indicator is significant for all food additives, medicines and widely used in pharmacology.


The bioavailability index shows what percentage of the consumed substance will enter the bloodstream of the body. The higher the bioavailability level, the faster and more completely the remedy will begin to act on you. The way of consumption also affects this indicator of bioavailability.


For example, chewing gum that you chew for a long time or lozenges enriched with CBD will give their composition to your body faster as their ingredients are absorbed more quickly through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Particularly in the area under the tongue, there are many blood vessels.


Edibles such as CBD gummies, bars, and cookies have a different level of bioavailability and rate of effect on the body as they must pass through your digestive tract before they can enter your bloodstream. Further, the process continues in the liver, where the active ingredients are metabolized and only begin to take effect. Hence the longer time for the expected impact. However, we want to note that the duration will be longer.


How Long Do CBD edibles last?


The effects of  CBD edibles usually come later than, for example, vaping or inhalation with CBD, however, and last much longer, which is good news.

If we take the average indicator of duration, then it can be from 6 to 8 hours.


However, do not forget to consider the individual factors that we mentioned in the previous paragraph. The specific duration of the edible CBD effect for you may differ from the time for another person.


If, even after taking CBD, you feel that the effect is not noticeable, do not rush to eat another serving and increase the dosage. It may just take your body a little longer to metabolize the compound. You can try increasing the dosage of your edibles no sooner than after 24 hours.


Which Factors Influence the Efficacy Level of CBD Edibles?


In addition to bioavailability, individual factors can influence the effectiveness of CBD edibles. Namely, the characteristics of your body. These factors are essential not only when taking edible CBD but also for all other drugs. The reaction may differ from person to person.


Several factors that affect how you feel about the effectiveness of CBD foods are:


Food consumption


The time it takes for CBD to travel through the digestive system to enter the bloodstream may depend on how full or empty your stomach is. Eating a large meal with CBD supplementation may take longer to digest, and the effects may appear later than if you ate edible CBD long after your main dinner.




Metabolism plays a crucial role in the absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat.




Another factor that can affect how long CBD works in your body is your lifestyle and activity level.




Cannabidiol is a fat-soluble compound meaning that you can store it in the body's fat cells. Therefore, body weight plays a role in the metabolic rate of CBD. If you are lightweight and have a low percentage of body fat, then it makes sense that the effects of CBD may not last as long as someone with a higher rate of body fat.


Bodyweight also affects the dosage level. The higher the body weight, the higher the recommended dosage, and the longer it takes to absorb CBD.




There is speculation that men are likely to need higher CBD dosage to feel the desired results than women.


Medicines and food supplements


Certain types of drugs and dietary supplements may contain active ingredients that can attenuate the effects of CBD and affect the rate at which it absorbs. In any case, before combining medications with edible medications, you need to consult a specialist.


CBD strength in edibles


The more concentrated edible CBD may have a longer-lasting effect. However, we do not recommend dramatically increasing the dosage and trying to eat at one time. It is much better to stick to your daily dosage and spread your CBD intake evenly.


Frequency of use


The frequency with which you consume CBD can influence its effectiveness. In some cases, consuming CBD regularly, for example, every day and at the correct dosage, can increase its effectiveness for your body. While infrequent and even single-use, it may not bring the desired results.


Cannabis tolerance


All of the above factors can influence your body's responses to the cannabis compound. Of course, no single factor per se is the primary determinant of CBD efficiency.


How Much CBD Should I Use?


The answer to this question is also individual and depends on your use of CBD and the desired effect. If you are a beginner and want to try all the benefits of phytocannabinoids, it will be beneficial for you to read the CBD Dosage Chart to get the correct dosage.


The dosage of CBD gummy bears is always apparent. In our collection, you can find both 10mg CBD and 20mg CBD dosages in each delicious gummy bear.


If you are using other edibles or adding CBD oil to your homemade meals, then your CBD strength dosage can be quoted as the total for the entire product. Then it would be best if you calculated the dosage yourself, which our table can help guide you.


In any case, we advise you always to start consuming edible CBD at a low dosage. It can be 1-2 gummy bears per day. If necessary, you can further increase the number of your gummy bears per day or take a higher concentration of CBD in one bear, such as a CBD gummies with 20mg strength.


If you've never tried CBD edibles before, try them in the evening first so that you can sleep well in case of feeling sleepy.


Benefits of Edibles Over Other Uses of CBD


CBD edible has the following benefits:


Enjoy a variety of flavours and tastes as this is a pleasant factor for those who don't like the cannabis smell. CBD edibles can have pleasant fruity aromas, and be sweet, as CBD gummies in the UK which you can buy online here.


Compared to other CBD types, CBD edibles may offer you a longer-lasting and cumulative effect on the body. CBD gummies are convenient and always easy to pick up and eat—no need to calculate the dosage in a pipette, no need to organize an inhaler or vape. Just grab the gummies!


How to Properly Store CBD Edibles?


As we said, there are a variety of edible types, and for a better experience, remember to follow some storage guidelines as you would with other foods.


A good idea for storing your CBD products is a pantry or refrigerator. CBD and other phytocannabinoids have the most extended shelf life in cold conditions. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and light. Avoid excessive heat.



Possible Side Effects


CBD edibles may also have potential side effects. However, even these effects will not be severe since CBD is a natural ingredient.


  • fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • changes in appetite
  • weight changes





CBD and other non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids are natural ingredients and considered by the WHO to be safe and non-addictive. However, if you are taking any medications, you should consult your doctor.


The active ingredients in CBD products can potentially react with certain medications and increase or decrease their effectiveness.




CBD edible is believed to have the longest-lasting effect on the body. On average, around 6-8 hours. They have different tastes and smells, which is pleasant if you have a sweet tooth.


If you're looking to discover CBD edibles, start with a small dose, such as CBD 10mg Gummy Bears, which you can conveniently consume anywhere.


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