Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs


Bath bombs are not only an opportunity to make your bath intake enjoyable: colour the water in a bright colour and create an atmosphere of relaxation with the help of aroma but also get benefits for the skin and the body as a whole.

Bath bombs have become an integral element in everyday products.

Firstly, sodium bicarbonate, leading to the composition, is useful for the body. Studies have found that it can positively affect the acid-base balance in the body, restore metabolism in cells. This property will be appreciated by those people who not only care about their appearance but also want to receive health benefits.

Secondly, various natural oils are a part of bath bombs. Natural essential oils play a significant role in the makeup of cosmetic products. Often we don't even think about it. By buying expensive decorative cosmetics, we strive to mask the problem areas on the skin, while using the natural oils that make up the bombs, we can eliminate the root cause of skin problems in a natural way.


PATCH ADAM CBD Bath Bomb Composition


CBD has the potential to aid in the suppression of acne breakouts by regulating oil production within the sebaceous glands. Also, it can help with improvement in inflammatory skin symptoms.


Argan Oil

Argan oil is famous for its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. Avocado oil saturates the skin with fatty acids. It replenishes the lack of moisture, helping to reduce wrinkles and dryness.


Shea Butter

Shea butter has regenerating properties that allow you to activate collagen production, promotes deep moisturizing of the skin, and makes it more moisturized and elastic.


Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter has vitamins A, B, F, C, and E; It also contains the substance phenylethylamine, known as a "love drug". Phenyltilamine is identical to the chemical that appears in a person in love. That's why chocolate was called the "hormone of happiness"!


Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil has disinfectant and wound healing properties.


So, what could be better than spending your time pleasurably and also getting benefits?

Warm water steams the skin, opens the pores. All this combined with natural bath bombs, then you will get added benefits—natural skincare and enrichment with beneficial substances and vitamins during the steaming of the skin. Fragrant baths relieve stress and fatigue, which is necessary after a busy day. For those involved in sports, warm baths can help ease muscle tension and relax after a workout. This procedure is a beautiful end to a busy day, after which a pleasant feeling and a good night's sleep!