CBD Balm

Benefits of CBD Lip Balms

CBD lip balms from PATCH ADAM are made from natural ingredients and provide nutrition, protection, softening, and moisturizing of the lips.

If you want to:

  • improve dry lip skin
  • soften and smooth out minor imperfections
  • protect lips in conditions of low and high temperatures, changes in humidity, wind, and other adverse external factors
  • reduce inflammation
  • maintain the natural water-lipid balance of delicate skin.

Then you need to familiarize yourself with our collection!

99%+ Pure CBD in combination with Natural oils and white beeswax in their composition provides intensive hydration for a long time. Easy distribution on the lips, blends of essential oils give the balm a light aroma.

Due to the universal design of the packaging, it is suitable not only for women but also for men.

Lip balms contain natural components, which mean: