15 Interesting Findings That Could Help You Sleep Better

  • 15 Interesting Findings That Could Help You Sleep Better
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    Having a hard time sleeping at night?

    If you are experiencing sleeping difficulties or disorders, you might be opting for medical intervention. However, many people are conscious of what they take into their bodies. You might be one of them. With that, there is an organic solution that can potentially help with your sleeping problems—cannabinoids or CBD. 

    CBD is the second most active element in cannabis (marijuana). It is an essential component directly derived from the hemp plant and usually used as medical marijuana. CBD is claimed to be safe for medical use and is legal for purchase in the UK.

    To help you know more about how CBD can potentially help you get the best snooze of your life, here are 15 things that you need to know.

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    What You Need To Know About CBD on Sleep Problems  

    • In a 2019 survey, 6 million UK adults reported having used CBD
    • 65% of the UK population supports easy access to CBD
    • 54% of UK CBD consumers use CBD to improve sleep 
    • Because of CBD, 67% of people with anxiety reported to have slept better
    • In a study involving people suffering chronic pain, 71% of the individuals believed that CBD was a good treatment option
    • 75% of patients trust that CBD as a treatment option is not harmful
    • 50% of UK millennials prefer using CBD oil over antidepressants
    • In 2025, the CBD market is expected to boom at £1 billion 
    • 70% of UK consumers prefer tinctures/oil or capsules for therapeutic doses

    How CBD Can Help in Sleep Improvement


    With CBD products becoming a billion-pound market in the UK, it has captured the interest and attention of a vast number of consumers. A wonder compound used not just for recreation but is now a leading medical option.

    1. 6 million UK adults used CBD in 2019

    (Centre for Medical Cannabis)

    In 2019, Dynata and YouGov conducted a survey on UK CBD users. It was found that between 8-11% of UK adults had used products containing cannabinoids. This equates to approximately 4-6 million people having tried CBD. 

    2. 65% of respondents in Britain support easy access to CBD products

    (Cowen & Co.)

    CBD products have been gaining popularity and traction because of the booming industry. According to Cowen & Co.'s survey, 65% of their respondents expressed that CBD should be easily accessible and available for purchase through pharmacies or High Street retail stores. 

    3. Study shows sleep improvement in 54% of UK CBD users


    In 2019, Dynata conducted a study on CBD users showing their common reasons for use. The poll showed that 54% of CBD product users use the hemp solution to improve sleep. It’s the highest declared result next to taking CBD for “better health” and “well-being”.

    4. 67% of people with anxiety declared improved sleep because of CBD

    (National Library of Medicine)

    In a large case series study on cannabidiol in anxiety and sleep, it was found that 67% of the respondents declared that they had improved sleep because of CBD usage. The study concluded that CBD may hold potential benefits for a variety of anxiety-related disorders. 

    5. 71% of individuals with chronic pain believe that CBD could be a good treatment option

    (National Library of Medicine)

    If your troubled sleeping patterns are caused by severe pain, a study shows that CBD could be a potential solution. The research and survey done with individuals experiencing chronic pain showed that 71% believe CBD is a good treatment option. The majority (59%) said that products with CBD have helped their pain.

    6. CBD use as a treatment option is believed to be unharmful according to 75% of a studied group

    (National Library of Medicine)

    A study conducted on respondents dealing with chronic pain showed that 75% of the group viewed CBD options as treatment methods not to be harmful. 

    7. 50% of UK millennials prefer CBD oil over antidepressants 

    (Informa Pharma Intelligence)

    People diagnosed with clinical depression usually have trouble falling or staying asleep. This can usually be treated with medication or antidepressants. However, a 2019 survey showed that 50% of UK adults classified as millennials would prefer CBD oil over prescription drugs for mental health management. 

    8. A rise of 41% in CBD use for medical purposes has been observed

    (Centre of Medicinal Cannabis)

    In a 2019 survey conducted, it was observed that there has been a rise of up to 41% of CBD users who use cannabis for medical purposes. This means that many patients consider this organic alternative solution to treat their medical concerns.

    9. CBD Market is expected to grow to £1 billion by 2025

    (Centre of Medicinal Cannabis)

    With CBD products in demand and capturing consumer trust and interest, the market is expected to boom to £1 billion by 2025. It is said that this would be equivalent to the entire 2016 UK market for herbal supplements.

    10. 70% of UK consumers prefer tinctures/oil or capsules

    (Centre of Medicinal Cannabis)

    CBD comes in a variety of forms and products. CBD oil is a flexible product that can be used for various reasons. And in a survey conducted in 2019, it was recorded that 70% of UK’s CBD users purchase tinctures/oils or capsules for “therapeutic doses” and usage. 

    11. 300-600mg a day of CBD can potentially help ease anxiety

    (Forbes Health)

    If you’re suffering from anxiety and this is resulting in sleeping problems, you will need to deal with it effectively. Some may opt for prescription drugs, while some may choose organic substances like CBD. 

    In a study on CBD dosages, it has been found that 300-600 milligrams a day is the common dosage for anxiety treatment with CBD. However, this may vary. You can check out to determine the correct dosage for you. But it’s best to consult your physician on this.

    12. 160mg of CBD oil can help with Excessive Sleepiness

    (National Library of Medicine)

    Another common sleeping problem is excessive sleepiness. In this disorder, patients are often sleepy even during the daytime, which can be bothersome. With that, it has been found that CBD oil can help deal with excessive sleepiness.  It is suggested that 160mg is enough to help you stay awake.

    13. Only 40 mg of CBD is needed to relieve chronic pain

    (Journal of Cannabis Research)

    Being in pain can make it hard to get to sleep or remain asleep. Patients often have to frequently take painkillers for relief. However, this can be harmful to internal organs. With that, CBD is regarded to be a safe and organic option to relieve severe pain or chronic pain illnesses.

    In a study done on respondents experiencing chronic pain, it has been suggested that a dose of 40mg of CBD can help relieve chronic pain. This dosage may vary and must be determined in consultation with a physician.

    14. 60mg of CBD per day can have positive effects on depression

    (Realm of Caring)

    Depression, anxiety, and sleeping problems are generally interlinked with each other. These disorders are commonly treated with medication or prescription drugs. But, with people choosing organic alternatives, CBD has been promoted as an excellent option. 

    In a study done by Realm of Caring Cannabis Research Group, it was found that low doses of CBD can help reduce depression and anxiety symptoms with just 60mg per day.

    15. Healthy adults can take up 70mg of CBD, according to FSA.

    (UK Food Standards Agency)

    Suppose you are a healthy adult who wants to take CBD-containing products for recreational purposes. In that case, FSA advises that you think carefully before taking CBD. 

    If you’re eager to use CBD for general health benefits, it is recommended that you take no more than 70mg a day or 28 drops of 5% CBD. However it is recommended that you visit your physician first to prescribe the correct dosage.

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