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CBD oil is gaining popularity among many big names in the sporting world and is being considered as a safe and natural all-in-one remedy for a majority of problems faced by athletes on a daily basis. Let’s have a look at why CBD oil is so popular and which athletes are using it. 


Why Do Athletes Use CBD Oil?



Athletes and sportspersons often train regularly and take part in high intensity sports activities and exercises which can have a huge negative impact on certain parts of their body.

CBD oil, a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid obtained from the cannabis plant is known to potentially useful properties.


 CBD oil is also a useful component for post-workout recovery.

When applied as a topical cream or ointment on an injured part of the body, together with other ingredients it acts as a muscle relaxant and may help reduce inflammation caused by hard bouts of intense exercise.

Moreover, athletes take CBD since it may be useful for a full-fledged rest.


CBD oil is not addictive and can be consumed on a daily basis. Moreover, it comes with limited or almost no side effects. This, along with the plethora of benefits that it offers makes CBD oil a natural and safer choice.


Professional Athletes Who Use CBD Oil


With the increasing number of celebrities and athlete endorsements, CBD has gained popularity over the years, and a number of professional athletes and players participating in a range of different sports have been regularly using CBD oil and enjoying its benefits. Here are examples of famous players who have incorporated CBD oil into their everyday fitness routine.


Eugene Monroe

Being one of the top athletes and a former player of the NFL, Eugene Monroe is a strong supporter of CBD and in 2014 became the first NFL player to join the campaign promoting the usage of CBD in sports. Despite his retirement in the year 2016, he continued to advocate for CBD and encouraged other NFL players to use CBD as a supplement. He also emphasized the benefits of CBD oil for athletic recovery over other prescription medications which came with several negative side effects. Moreover, he strongly insisted that the NFL stopped testing its players for cannabis by pointing out that the drug was non-addictive and could help treat chronic pain, inflammation and other sports-related injuries.


Derrick Morgan


Professional linebacker Derrick Morgan has publicly opened up about his consistent use of CBD oil during his training days at NFL. With regular use, he advocated its use among fellow NFL players. Concussions due to falls are common among football players and Derrick believes that using CBD oil could aid in the healing of brain trauma and injury among athletes.

Impressed with its benefits, Derrick also donated money towards cannabis research being carried out by researchers at John Hopkins and University of Pennsylvania, particularly two studies which aimed to examine how cannabis would impact both current and former NFL players.


Anthony and Sergio Pettis

Professional MMA and UFA fighters Anthony and Sergio Pettis have long since been using CBD. They have openly spoken in support of and partnered with popular athlete CBD brands.


Kieran Kevan

After rigorous athletic training left him crippled and addicted to opioids and other prescription medications, the then 24 year old bodybuilder Kieran Kevan frantically began searching for alternative medications which could help him with his condition. This is how Kieran discovered CBD. Kieran claims to have been able to drastically reduce the amount of opioids that he was taking which in turn helped kick his addiction.


Nate Diaz

You may have definitely heard of the UFC champion and MMA performer Nate Diaz. However, not many of you might be aware that he is also a strong supporter of CBD. Well known for his achievements in 19 out of 30 professional fights at lightweight and his victory in The Ultimate Fighter 5, Nate at a post-fight press conference openly revealed his CBD use and explained how the compound greatly benefitted him during his training and post workout days.


Bubba Watson

American golfer Bubba Watson is one among the many professional golfers who have been using CBD on a regular basis and enjoying its benefits. Out of all the benefits offered by CBD sports recovery is what encouraged Bubba to continue using the compound.

Living with two children and playing golf all day, Bubba believes that the continual use of CBD eased his pain, helped him sleep better and all in all helped create a balance between creating longevity in golf and spending quality time with his two children. He also went on to sign a partnership with the CBD based product selling company cbdMD.


Caleb Marshall


 Celebrity trainer Caleb Marshall, known for his popular YouTube channel: ‘The Fitness Marshall’ is a dance master and fitness coach who is also a strong supporter of CBD .As we all know, long periods of dance practice and intense workout can put a strain on your muscles and make them sore. It can also increase your anxiety levels and cause mood swings. This according to his claims is where CBD oil comes into play.

Regular use of CBD oil he believes can not only help relax your muscles but can also soothe your mind. Caleb started using CBD oil in 2018 mostly in the form of lotions, creams and tinctures. At a period of time when he was frequently on tour and overwhelmed with attending back to back shows, his anxiety became uncontrollable. He claimed that regularly using CBD oil greatly improved his mental health and helped reduce recovery time.


What Professional Athlete Started a CBD Oil Company?


Some athletes have been harnessing CBD’s benefits long enough to be inspired to start their own company. Here are examples of some athletes who have gone on to start their own CBD companies.


Ben Franks

Rugby Union coach and former Rugby player Ben Franks is an example of one such professional athlete who started his own CBD oil company.

Having won the Rugby World Cup twice, Ben Franks is one of the most famous Rugby players in the world and has been playing the game for more than two decades. Ben began using CBD oil much before it even became popular. After suffering from a concussion, CBD oil was recommended to Ben. 

Soon after being invited to a CBD and hemp convention, his interest in the wonder drug increased. He soon partnered with former English Rugby Union player James Haskell and went on to launch his own CBD oil brand.


George Kruis and Dominic Day

British rugby union player George Kruis along with his Welsh team-mate Dominic Day have been regularly taking CBD oil products and are in so much support of the compound that they have gone on to start a CBD company of their own. Dominic mentions that he first started using CBD after undergoing a knee surgery. He first started with vaping the compound, but later switched to using the oils. 

George had a similar experience when he began using the oil after undergoing an ankle surgery shortly after his team-mate. They have also started the CBD product company  keeping in mind the benefits of CBD for active people like themselves.


Mike Tyson

Most people who have heard of Mike Tyson would have also heard of his love for cannabis. Mike has been using CBD and other cannabis based products as medicine for over 2 decades and he claims that it has effectively helped him manage his mental health issues and recover from numerous injuries that he suffered during his boxing career. Moreover, during an interview with Cannabis and Tech Today, Mike is seen talking about the negative experiences he had with prescription medications such as opiates and strongly recommends using cannabis instead.

Over the years, the former heavyweight boxing champion has become an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry.


Paul Pierce


After falling victim to a nightclub stabbing and suffering life threatening injuries, former NBA basketball player Paul Pierce started vaping CBD and found that it greatly helped him . Impressed with his quick recovery, Paul launched the vape pen company and also started a hemp-derived CBD company aimed at helping fellow athletes manage mental and physical stress, pain and other athletic injuries.


Megan Rapinoe

To become the iconic face of women's soccer hasn't been an easy ride for Meghan Rapinoe. After suffering from multiple ACL tears in both her knees and undergoing surgery to repair a meniscus tear, Meghan has claimed to have had a hard time dealing with the pain and soon turned towards CBD to help with pain relief, rest and recovery. Releasing its benefits, her sister Rachael supported Meghan by helping her launch the CBD products company. The range of CBD based products sold by the company are THC free and derived from hemp.


Author: Madhuri Ramesh



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