Jack Nicholson is a film star and a still-standing excellent Hollywood award-winning star, and one of the greatest actors. He boasts of winning some of the highest accolades and paychecks ever received from Hollywood. Jack Nicholson has lived a legendary lifestyle since his first entry to Hollywood over 50 years ago. He is one of the wealthiest Americans, with a net worth of $390 million.


Formerly known as John Joseph Nicholson, he was born on April 22, 1937, in Neptune, New Jersey. Soon after graduating from High School, he went straight to Hollywood on a short trip before joining college. But after getting to Hollywood, Jack never came back home. He played his first role in Hollywood as a troublesome teen in the movie "Cry the baby killer" and had to wait two more years before featuring in the next film.


Jack Nicholson did not stop at that, and by the end of the sixties, he had appeared in 20 movies. He has also ventured into writing movies, wrote two screenplays, and directed his first film.


Jack soon became a performer and mastered his art from one film to another. He later made his name when he played the fallen angels, which earned him his first Best Actor Oscar award.


Even with his skyrocketing career, Jack did not get left behind when it came to getting stoned. The filmmaker and an American actor have been involved in the use of Cannabis for decades. He used Cannabis as a natural relief from pain and also for recreational purposes. Recorded confessing that Cannabis would help him gain the strength to get to the stage though it would play the opposite.


Today the American Hollywood star is still advocating for the use of Cannabis. He is on record saying that he believes that the prescription narcotics industry in the USA is much more harmful to public health than cannabis use for different purposes. Jack still thinks those involved in Cannabis and the use of its compounds may be in a better position when compared to those who take some of the solid prescribed drugs.


The Academy award-winning Hollywood legend Jack Nicholson has never been shy about backing the use of Cannabis. He has been advocating the legalization for a long time.


Also, he has been talking about issues with the illegal narcotics industry and views legalization as the only means to fight the problem. The Hollywood star said that even though he does not want to admit it in public, Cannabis is seemed so curative, and the evidence is clear for him.


In a 2011 interview for DailyMail, Nicholson commented about Cannabis, "It's a curative thing... If they were earnest about the economy, there would be a sensible discussion about legalization."


As we can see, Jack advises that anyone serious about the economy should consider legalizing Cannabis for different purposes.


Like many other celebrities like Cynthia Nixon, Jack Nicholson does not get tired of asking for the legalization of Cannabis and his compounds. He has been candid about its effects on society, including being the source of economic growth in areas.


Although there is a lot to say about the movie star Jack Nicholson. You cannot forget that he thinks the best thing that Americans can do is to legalize the use of Cannabis. He can say that as many times as possible without shying off.


The good news is that CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds of the plant are gaining more and more interest in society. New laboratory tests and the publication of results are making CBD products legal in many countries, including the UK.


The variety of natural products such as CBD oils, tasty CBD edibles, Topicals, Drinks and Cosmetics, only confirm that people can use them for completely different purposes.


Many people have already noted the benefits of products enriched with CBD and other phytocannabinoids, so why not give it a try?

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