Rob Gronkowski about CBD

Robert James Gronkowski about CBD

Robert James Gronkowski, or “Gronk” as he is more commonly known, is a household name in the USA as a highly decorated NFL player and a passionate ambassador of CBD.

Rob Gronkowski and NFL

Gronk spent nine years playing for the New England Patriots, before announcing his retirement on Instagram in 2019.


As a tight end offensive player, he set records that still hold today, ranking first in average touchdowns per game, average receiving yards per game, and average yards per target. Oh, and did we mention that he’s also won three NFL Super Bowls?


He was just 29 years old when he retired, but had suffered from numerous injuries throughout his career including torn ligaments and 20 concussions, five of which involved complete blackouts.


Speaking about his health later that year, he told CBSN’s Reena Ninanif you go look at a picture of me literally from seven months ago, my head is, like, swollen. And like, crazy swollen. And I had this inflammation all in my head too. I had lumps in my head, I had bumps on my head.”


Between the worry over serious head injury and the constant pain he was suffering, he started to feel like the game was bringing him down. In a press conference, he stated, “I needed to recover. I was not in a good place… I was fighting through it. I knew what I signed up for. I knew what I was fighting through. I knew I just had to fix myself.”


And he did just that as 13 months later, Rob Gronkowski came back out of retirement. He accepted a contract (one of many offers) to play for Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, but what was he doing while he was gone?


Well, it turns out he was keeping himself busy as he had not only discovered CBD, but was so passionate about its healing powers that he also invested in an all-natural, fitness-orientated CBD brand.

Rob Gronkowski and CBD

In 2019, Rob publicly announced his support for a leading CBD topicals brand, CBDMEDIC, but surprisingly it wasn‘t his football injuries that first turned him onto CBD. It was actually after injuring himself during a heated game of barefoot “soccer” (actual football) against his girlfriend.


He stubbed three of his toes so badly that he couldn’t even put his shoe on until his Dad gave him some CBD cream to try. His dad had been using the cream for back pain and Rob said “I put it on my toes and I instantly got the relief I was looking for”.


Fast-forward to two months later, Rob announced that he was partnering with Abacas Health Products to help promote their line of CBD topicals to athletes as an alternative solution to pain management.


Rob believes that CBD could be the answer for many athletes and other people suffering daily from chronic pain. He told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that CBD has the potential to help “the pain that you just deal with week in and week out… It could have helped me big time with some of the hits that you take”.


If you want to try a CBD topical for pain in the UK, at Patch Adam we have CBD pain relief rub in the form of a deep-relief muscle gel and a heated muscle balm. We also sell CBD oil, CBD gummies, and CBD bath bombs to infuse your bath and help relax your muscles while soaking in the tub.


Rob will be 32 years old on May 14th this year and according to Celebrity Net Worth, Rob Konkowski’s net worth is already at a cool $45 million, so he’s got a lot to celebrate!

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