CBD production process


Quality of Products and Manufacturing Process


PATCH ADAM is your guide in the world of premium and affordable CBD infused products.

Our facility location is in Welwyn Garden City, UK, where we produce high-quality hemp CBD products using unique formulas.

Using CBD PATCH ADAM products, you can be sure of the natural composition of the products, and a distinct dosage of CBD. We produce useful products only, which means NO GMO, Gluten-free, NO parabens, NO carcinogens and Cruelty-Free.

CBD is obtained exclusively from industrial hemp grown on organic farms in America, using high standards in the growing process. We procure raw materials for the creation of our products from enterprises using the latest technology, which allows us to obtain the purest CBD oil and CBD isolate.

Naturally, in our laboratory, we additionally research raw materials for the presence of heavy metals, microorganisms, and others, to once again make sure that they are pure and safe. The next stage, which takes place in our laboratory, is the creation of products according to precise and proprietary formulas created by our specialists.

Third-party laboratory testing of our products is a final step. Final products are delivered to external laboratories that use strict standards and independent testing.

Thus, having gone through all the stages, we provide our customers with high-quality products, which meets all the high requirements of production, safety, efficiency and fully complies with all certification according to legislation.


CBD Extraction Process


PATCH ADAM products include only high-quality CBD distillate and CBD isolates. Each of these types has its advantages, and each user can choose for himself the preferred kind of CBD.

  • CBD with a wide range of cannabinoids

CBD distillates are not as purified as isolates. It may contain a variable number of cannabinoids, terpenes and plant material, for a better effect, and used, mainly for CBD Oral Drops. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in all plants that have a potential positive effect on the human body. The practice of aromatherapy is based on terpenes.

However, in the case of distillation, hemp extract undergoes multi-level purification, which ensures its safety and effectiveness, while maintaining a fatty composition of the plant's beneficial substances. You can be sure that the level of THC does not exceed the legal standard of 0.2% or less.

  • CBD isolate is pure CBD

During the extraction process, all compounds except cannabidiol are removed or filtered, terpenes, flavonoids, plant parts, chlorophyll, organic substances, and other cannabinoids removed. The resulting CBD isolate is a white powder or crystals, in very high concentrations, more than 99%! 

It has neither taste nor smell, used for the manufacture of CBD gels, CBD Topicals, and CBD bath bombs. CBD Isolate does not contain THC! As you can see, using PATCH ADAM products, you can be calm if you need to pass drug tests.


What is the Uniqueness of the PATCH ADAM Products?


The PATCH ADAM team has extensive experience working with CBD and for many years provided CBD "white label" products to reputable companies before creating the Patch Adam brand in 2018. Our team consists of scientists and technical experts in the field of CBD and wellness. We have our production facilities, laboratories, research&development department. 

In the process of creating CBD products for other companies, many different formulas and combinations have been tested to get the best results, so that our customers have the best CBD experience. At the moment, we use the perfect combination of CBD and other natural ingredients to make simple, pure and effective CBD products.


Product and Process Safety


We care about your health and company reputation for you! Quality control at every stage of production. We use only certified and natural ingredients: no GMOs, No Parabens, No Pesticides, Gluten Free, No Cruelty. 


Legalization and Drug Tests


We offer a guarantee that all of our products are fall within UK law when it comes to THC (below 0.2%), which means that our CBD products are entirely legal under UK law. However, we recommend not to exceed the permissible daily dosage of CBD. 


Our Mission


In conclusion, we want to emphasize once again that the PATCH ADAM offers high-quality CBD distillate and CBD isolate products in the market. Our priority is the best experience for our customers using CBD!



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