CBD and Sex


The use of cannabis has become legal in quite a few countries, and specialty infused items such as CBD for sex have begun to flood the market right now.

Does CBD help sexually? Go on reading this article for learning how CBD oil can affect our bodies as well as our libidos. We have also highlighted the possible side effects that might be faced by consumers while using this oil for sex activity.


Does CBD Play Role in Sexual Life?

According to the researchers, CBD functions by interacting the ECS (endocannabinoid system) of the body which related to some essential body functions, including the nervous system.

Apart from controlling the response of our brain to inflammation, the ECSprobably may affect likewise controls the digestive, reproductive, and urinary tracts of our body. In fact, this will require more research right now. Nevertheless, it is potentially possible for CBD to help cannabinoid receptors for setting off certain reactions for stimulating the system. 


Does CBD Affect Libido?


Research into the endocannabinoid system depicts the presence of its receptors in the testicles and other reproductive organs. However, the results are quite controversial regarding what will come next.

In the meantime, other research probes into the anti-anxiety potential of CBD oil for sex. Since a decrease in libido can be caused by sexual performance anxiety, many experts are of the notion that the anti-anxiety effects can increase sex drive. They assert that libido may be boosted by minimizing anxiety.

Erectile dysfunction


Even though there is no scientific evidence of how CBD helps erectile dysfunction, according to one theory CBD oil for sexual health helps to increase the circulation of blood. 
There is one more theory which has explored the effects of CBD oil on blood flow. It has been found by a study that  can be reduced blood pressure by a single dosage of hemp. Even though this study emphasized the arteries entering the heart, the identical principle can be applied to blood vessels entering the groin too.



Does CBD Help You to Last Long?

There have been no studies that looked at the effect of CBD on the duration of sex. There have been only surveys conducted among consumers of CBD products who reported positively on the effects of CBD.

Can CBD Oil Be Used As a Lube?

There are no proven theories that CBD oil can be used as a lubricant on its own.
It is impossible to claim that oil can be used as a lubricant based on appearance.





CBD and Sex: Potential Side Effects

Similar to any other supplement, CBD can likewise lead to undesirable side effects as well. For instance, some topical CBD might cause an allergic reaction as any product. One can also feel sleepy or nauseated after ingesting it. Or, he might even lose his appetite.

Regular intake of CBD oil might likewise interact with some medicines. It will be a sensible idea to take the advice of your healthcare provider or physician prior to using CBD for sex or any other purposes. However, on most occasions, the side effects of CBD are rather mild.

More research will be required to say for sure that CBD oil is effective and safe for sex. However, the benefits of CBD sexual health have been already suggested by some research at present. 




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