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Is CBD Good for Sleep?

Cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD, is amongst the main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. In fact, cannabinoids may be interacting with the endocannabinoid system of your body and will help it to maintain stability or a state of balance.

CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive which implies that it won't make you become "high".

To comprehend whether CBD has the ability to improve slumber, it is essential to understand why we tend to sleep poorly.

You might sleep poorly due to many factors:

  • Mental health problems such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety
  • Medication
  • Physical conditions like restless leg syndrome and chronic pain
  • Environmental factors like an uncomfortable bed or loud noises
  • Caffeine, especially if you consume it before going to bed

Although the research on CBD has started not long ago, according to some studies CBD may be able to effect anxiety levels.

How CBD may help to improve slumber


Although there are quite a few studies which come to the conclusion that CBD may be able to improve sleep conditions. The majority of the studies mentioned above emphasize that more research will be needed on CBD to fully comprehend how it will affect our slumber.

Many researchers assert that CBD aids in enhancing sleep since it is may be able to help with the root causes of insomnia. While more research is performed, we will be able to get more info on the topic "is CBD good for insomnia".

How CBD may be used?

You may take CBD in a number of ways. It is available in various forms such as vape concentrates, capsules, and pills, CBD oil for insomnia and tinctures, as well as edibles such as gummies.

The dosage of CBD used by you will be depending on various factors. Your body chemistry and weight will be affecting the functioning of CBD to a great extent. This might vary from one person to another.
It will be advisable to commence with a low dosage and increase it slowly.


Why CBD may help?


It has been acknowledged that CBD interact on the ECS (endocannabinoid system).

ECS is actually a system within our body which controls many essential bodily functions providing a sense of balance and stability.

It may produce endocannabinoids which are almost identical to cannabinoids produced by our bodies naturally, cannabinoid receptors with which the endocannabinoids interact, as well as enzymes which aid in synthesizing and breaking them down.

It is believed that once introduced to the body, CBD interacts with the ECS for improving its functions. According to the present theory,CBD helps to improve the binding of receptors to endocannabinoids, thereby improving body responsiveness.


Which CBD products are preferable?


Perhaps the most well-known format is CBD oil. These bottles consist of CBD extract which can be used orally. You are suggested to place several drops underneath your tongue and then swallow after holding it for 1- 3 minutes. This will help the CBD to become infused into the bloodstream and enable you to feel the desired results.

Other options consist of CBD drinks and edibles that will taste great as well. 

Preferable CBD Dosage 


You won't find a single CBD dosage that will work for everyone. However, there are certain rules to be followed.

To help you, you can check out the CBD dosage chart.

How much you should take will depend on many factors, such as your gender, age, why you are taking it, metabolic rate, and the quality of the product. For some cases, a higher dosage may be required. Be sure to consult with your doctor about what your dosage should be initially, especially if you suffer from any medical condition.

A number of factors will be affecting the time required by CBD oil to work in your body . One of the factors will be the concentration of CBD in a particular product. CBD of higher strength will help to produce the results faster than that of a lower concentration. Also, it depends on the manner in which you are taking CBD. You can ingest CBD oil in the form of a tincture or along with food. The time taken by the CBD oil for helping you with your sleep is going to depend to a great extent on the manner in which you are taking it. 



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