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14 Things You Need To Know About CBD and Sexual Dysfunction

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Has your sex life been falling flat lately? If you are having a hard time finding sex satisfying, don't be so down, it's never too late to spice things up. There's potentially an organic solution to your sexual problems—cannabinoids.

CBD is claimed to improve sexual dysfunction and provide better and more pleasurable sexual experiences. Sexual dysfunction sadly affects 43% of women and 31% of men. Aside from this, orgasmic disorders affect 10% to 20% of men and women. Not something that you’d want to experience in this lifetime. But with CBD in the market, you don’t need to panic.


Excited? Hold your horses. Dive down first on the essential details about CBD and sexual dysfunction. Check them out! Here are 14 things you need to know.


Here is how CBD can potentially help resolve sexual problems


  • 34% of women claim that CBD contributed to their sex drive and increased in satisfaction 
  • 74% of men and women are recorded to experience sexual pleasure with the use of CBD
  • According to a survey, 30% of the UK population (ages 15 to 24) are recorded to have used CBD for a better sex experiences
  • 65.7% of women claim that CBD can treat arousal dysfunction and intensify sexual pleasure
  • In a survey, 50% of the respondents claimed that CBD heightens focus during sex
  • A study showed that 52% of married men use CBD to enhance their sex life
  • 64% of women like CBD for positive mood effects and to heighten sexual drive

How CBD Works in Our Body

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In a medical review, Jeffrey Chen, MD, MBA, explains that cannabidiol (CBD) is an element extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, commonly known as hemp or cannabis. CBD is one of the many compounds found in cannabis. CBD can be developed into many forms, such as edibles, oils, etc.


Taking cannabis may work differently in our bodies. When you inhale it, it passes through the lungs and enters the bloodstream. Within seconds, it is absorbed by the brain and then passed through other systems in the body. The full effect can take seconds to minutes to be felt.


However, foods or edibles containing cannabis extracts will pass through the digestive system, and the effect will take minutes to be felt. These said feelings are “positive” feelings with elevated relaxation levels and overall mood. It can be experienced with just a small dose. 


How CBD Can Help Sex Dysfunctions  

1. 34% of women claim CBD improves sex

(National Library of Medicine)

According to a study, 34% of female respondents declared that CBD heightened their sex drive and reduced sexually related pain. This is because CBD is said to help relax blood vessels, increase blood flow and enhance overall lubrication and sensitivity.

2. In a study, 74% of respondents found sexual pleasure with CBD


A study showed a record of 73.8% of the participants claims that using CBD impacts their sexual satisfaction.  It is found that using CBD contributes to healthy sex life. It gave them the feeling of intense arousal towards a more sexual experience.

3. CBD can help release “the love hormone”

(Rex MD)

CBD is reviewed as a potential sex booster. It is observed that CBD can help the body produce a chemical called anandamide or “the bliss molecule.” This chemical, anandamide, then helps in releasing another chemical called oxytocin, commonly known as “the love hormone.” This hormone is responsible for giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

4. CBD may assist with erectile dysfunction


According to PubMedCentral, 52% of male participants aged between 40 and 70 years old are said to be affected by erectile dysfunction. However, the study also showed that 30% of the respondents who were CBD users claimed that it improved their sexual performance. 

Very Well Health explains that men who use CBD with proper dosage levels can feel positive effects. There are plenty of CBD products out on the market that passes the required percentage and is claimed to have promising effects even for ED.

5. 66% women used CBD to cure arousal dysfunction


Arousal dysfunction is said to be a common sexual problem for women. According to a 2018 survey, 65.7% of sexually active women claim that CBD intensifies their sexual arousal. CBD’s active ingredient may possibly contribute to the improvement of extended intimacy and increase secretion or lubrication of the vagina.

6. CBD is claimed to alter sexual experiences


Studies show that a large number of the participants find that CBD can help them relax during intercourse. Not only that, their sensitivity to touch, and increased intensity in feelings are also reported to be enhanced. 

7. CBD can increase brain activity

(National Library of Medicine)

A 2017 study shows that CBD can seemingly activate a part of the brain that controls arousal. It is recorded that taking CBD can increase the effect on the right nucleus accumbens that can stimulate the erotic stimuli sensory. Thus CBD may be a possible treatment for low sexual drives.

8. 11% of the adult population in UK routinly uses CBD for overall sex health

(Journal of Cannabis Research)

A national survey conducted in the UK recorded that 11% of young adults (age 18 to 24) consider CBD as part of their health routines. These users take CBD to manage a variety of medical conditions such as self-perceived anxiety, stress and other symptoms. 

9. Study shows that CBD can improve ejaculatory performance

(National Library of Medicine)

According to a study on plants, it is reviewed that Cannabis sativa is one of the plants that can improve phallus function on ejaculation. It is classified as a therapeutic class of aphrodisiacs. Aside from improving function, the study also records that Cannabis sativum can help delay ejaculation or overall ejaculation performance.

10. Survey records 64% of respondents’ sex mood improved with CBD

(Remedy Review)

The survey recorded 64% of people’s claims that their mood during sex was affected positively because of CBD. Aside from this, it was found that the respondents used CBD during sex as a way to relax. They shared that using CBD lessened their feelings of performance anxiety and insecurities. Not only that, lubrication products with CBD were observed to add sensation and focus during sex.

11. 2.5 million disabled patients from the UK are reported to have sexual problems

(National Library of Medicine)

It has been recorded that almost 4% of the UK population is said to have some sensory, physical or intellectual impairments or disabilities. Often those with disabling conditions are said to be able to experience sexual problems such as desire, orgasm, arousal and more. 

12. 5 million people in the UK approve of CBD use

(Globe News Wide)

In 2019, 5 million, or 11% of people, in the UK approved the use of CBD as was reported in Maru Voice UK. In relation to that, during an interview on CNN Health, Lawrence Siegel discussed CBD components that targeted the areas of the brain associated with sexual arousal.  

13. CBD can treat health conditions causing erectile dysfunction

(National Library of Medicine)

Studies show that CBD can be a treatment for underlying health conditions that leads to erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues, particularly anxiety. Anxiety is claimed as one of the contributing factors to poor sexual performance and libido. CBD is recorded to improve anxiety and other associated mental issues. 

14. Research shows that 68% of female respondents claim that CBD increases sexual pleasure

(The Journal of Sexual Medicine)

The research polled sexually-active adult women. Among the respondents, 68% reported having experienced a more pleasurable sexual experience. Among the group, 62% claimed that CBD enhanced the quality of their orgasms and improved their libido in general. 

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Gummies, Drops or Rubs?

You don't need to smoke or puff on some cannabis to experience the magic of CBD. CBD can come in dozens of forms, shapes, and sizes in today's market. 

Do you want to have an active and satisfying sex life? Pick gummies, oils or rubs as your weapons in bed. Choose your CBD. Visit Patch Adam for more product details. 

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